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I love making books. Picking out the paper, planning the layout, deciding on a cover…all of it is fun to me.  Lately, I came upon an original idea and began making beer books. They are the perfect gift for the person that has everything, or when you just want to give a little something special.

Originally, I had planned on using the beer coasters as covers for small books. But as I began collecting pairs of coasters, I discovered that I really liked the art on some of them…enough to turn the coaster into the cover.

Each beer book is made by hand sewing 3 to 5 registers of paper together.  I use archival paper, cotton rag, sketching paper, etc. to make the registers. Often I will add special marbled paper or contrasting paper pieces for decoration.

Once the registers are made, holes are punched in the covers and the register.  Using beeswax covered linen thread, I stitch the books together.

Finished books may be purchased at Studio 7, my art webpage, or my Etsy store. All of my original work is marketed under my studio name Fireflies Original Art.

If you have a special book you would like me to make for you, just email me at firefliesoriginalart@gmail.com and I will be glad to work with you.

Thanks!  Marsha

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