Studio 7

Studio 7 began in 2010 in its first location – 619 N Trade Street. We eventually moved to a larger location at 204 W 6th Street. Both of these locations housed The McNeely Gallery and seven working studios for local artists. 

But then Covid hit in 2020, and the world as we knew it changed forever. Studio 7 hung on as long as possible, but October 31, 2020, brought the closing on the studio and gallery.

Studio 7 took pride in providing first gallery shows for upcoming artists. Many of the artists shown in the early days of the McNeely Gallery have become well know and are now shown all over the country. Giving artists a chance has always been the main interest of Studio 7 and its owner, Marsha McNeely Hierl.

With the closing in 2020, Studio 7 moved into the North Trade Street Arts Center located at 604-A N Trade Street, in the Downtown Arts District of Winston-Salem, NC. No longer providing studio space for artists, Studio 7 is now the permanent home of Fireflies Original Art. 

Although no longer a major gallery, Studio 7 does provide smaller shows for local artists. New shows open on the first Friday of every month in conjunction with DADA’s 1st Friday Gallery Hops. Studio 7 is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 5 pm, and from 7-10 pm on the first Friday of every month.  

Original Studio 7
Fireflies Original Art is a division of Studio 7




What is Studio 7 ?


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Creating a space where art is varied and meets the wants and desires of the public, while providing visual entertainment and enjoyment to downtown Winston-Salem visitors.

specialty items

Studio 7 is home to an ARTOMAT machine, which provides tiny pieces of original art at a price ($5) everyone can afford.

Our Spirit Space also provides information on natal charts, life readings, dream catchers and spirit candles and candle holders. 


Studio 7 strives to provide gallery space for new and upcoming artists to have their first gallery showings. Helping new artists achieve success and validation is important to us.





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Fireflies Original Art – a division of 

Studio 7

Journals coming to Studio 7 soon!